The Caring Family Foundation plants 1 million tress across Brazil's rainforests

22 Apr 2023
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On Earth Day, 22nd April 2023, The Caring Family Foundation (TCFF) is proud to announce that, together with their partner One Tree Planted, they have now planted one million trees across three different regions of Brazil’s Rainforests. This commitment has created over 300 jobs and seen 100 families involved in planting 130 different native tree species that will help to restore deforested areas, create biodiversity and water springs.

Our one million trees will absorb on average 22 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years, which will provide clean oxygen for 500,000 families per year, promoting a long term, sustainable impact for the environment and traditional communities.

TCFF has contributed towards the ambitious initiative to create one of the longest nature corridors in the world, The Araguaia Corridor. This corridor spans the same distance as London to Moscow, connecting two of the world’s most vital ecosystems. This will save thousands of species, such as Blue-throated Macaws and bring forth a massive reforestation project, converting agricultural land back to original forest.

TCFF’s reforestation in the Atlantic Forest, where 80% of the original rainforest has been destroyed, focusses on female-led planting initiatives, restoring and purifying water springs and planting native tree species. Alongside the benefits of tree-planting, these projects promote women’s empowerment and livelihoods through training and education, a critical element to all of the foundation’s reforestation work.

In 2021, TCFF pledged to plant 1 million trees, with support from members of Annabel’s, a private Member’s Club in London, through the Annabel’s for the Amazon fundraiser held in September each year at the Club.. The event, which grows in scale each year, highlights Brazil’s deforestation crisis and has been instrumental in the foundation being able to achieve this significant milestone.

Matt Hill, CEO at One Tree Planted, said: “The Caring Family Foundation’s partnership with One Tree Planted is an incredible step forward for the future of Brazil’s forests. Planting one million trees in Brazil will positively impact communities and the planet for years to come, playing a leading role in the restoration and conservation of a critical ecosystem. Together, we are combating climate change, one tree at a time!”

Patricia Caring, Co-Founder of The Caring Family Foundation, said: ‘I recently returned to the UK from Brazil where I witnessed first-hand the level of destruction to Brazil’s rainforests. I held a sapling in my hands and realised it could take over 20 years to be fully grown, but only minutes to be cut or burnt down. I planted my first tree, with women all around me, teaching me the science, the steps and the love which goes into the restoration process.

These trees, our trees, provide income and opportunity for women and families, whilst offsetting huge amounts of carbon, purifying our water and restoring biodiversity. I named my first tree ‘esperança’ which means ‘hope’; hope for us all that we can take action to reverse the damage of Brazil's rainforests. I thank One Tree Planted for this partnership, which will bring benefits for so many families and the environment for many years to come”.

As the UK’s largest donor to reforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, TCFF are proud to emphasise the significance and importance of the deforestation crisis to protect and preserve the rainforests in Brazil and their guardians for generations to come.

22 Apr 2023

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