Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse against women and girls in the UK and Brazil is widespread and growing. In Brazil, 8 women experience domestic violence every single minute, while in the UK 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

The Caring Family Foundation are working to ensure more women in the UK and Brazil are aware of domestic abuse support and accessing it, enabling them to make their own choices about their futures and their children’s futures.

Brazil Domestic Abuse Support

The Caring Family Foundation supports and nurtures women and children who flee domestic violence, offering them full assistance in any medical, social, psychological, housing and legal needs, as well as empowerment through employability courses.

In Brazil, we support institutionally and operationally the NGO Bem Querer Mulher, having delivered over 10,000 sessions of psychological support, legal and social services so far.

UK Domestic Abuse Fund

In the UK, on November 2022, we launched a domestic abuse fund to support 16 'By and For' Black and Minoritised Domestic Abuse organisations in partnership with Women's Aid. We are supporting specialist domestic support centres by working with young girls at risk; raising awareness to reduce barriers of accessing support, and providing psychological, legal and crisis support.

To align with our work in Brazil, we will also be opening a service centre for women and children fleeing domestic abuse in London in 2024. Since 2020, The Caring Family Foundation has provided funds to 5 organisations supporting a total of 1,500 women to access services, educational programmes and tailored support.

Rebuilding Lives and Careers

The Caring Family Foundation, alongside Bem Querer Mulher, offers regular employability training courses for the survivors of domestic abuse we support at the house in Sao Paulo. Each course runs for three months and is focused on building the women’s self-esteem and equipping them with the practical skills they need to successfully enter the workplace, and gain independence through employment, breaking the cycle of financial abuse.

In 2022, in partnership with the NGO Instituto Capim Santo, we have trained 15 women who had gone through Bem Querer Mulher’s employability course, opening up new possibilities towards rebuilding their lives and careers. This program's main focus is to train people in situations of vulnerability in the area of Sustainable Gastronomy, so that participants can enter positions in the gastronomy market in a higher salary bracket.

George partnership with The Caring Family Foundation and Kennel Club Charitable Trust

George and The Caring Family Foundation are proud to partner with The Kennel Club Charitable Trust to support dogs and charities dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic abuse. Through their grant programme which was announced in November 2023, they will provide vital funds to charities in the UK who support with urgent short-term foster care for survivors’ canine companions, allowing owners to focus on their own health and wellbeing, and ultimately reunite, find safety and a brighter future together.

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