Deforestation in the Amazon has reached a 15 year high, affecting its capacity to absorb carbon dioxide, exacerbating the climate crisis and harming the local communities whose guardianship of the rainforest is vital.

The Caring Family Foundation funds projects in the Brazilian rainforests, which focus their efforts on reforesting degraded areas to strengthen the local flora and help traditional communities to maintain their sources of income and long-term experience.



For 2022, The Caring Family Foundation, in alliance with SOS Amazonia, aims to plant 1 million trees in the Amazon by March 2024. This project will support more than 400 local families and indigenous communities with food and income, ensuring the protection of their livelihoods, while also slowing the effects of climate change.


In 2021, The Caring Family Foundation pledged to plant 1 million trees in Brazil’s rainforests in partnership with One Tree Planted. On Earth Day, 22 April 2023, TCFF was proud to announce that the target has been achieved, with 1 million trees planted across the Amazon and Atlantic forests.

his commitment has created over 300 jobs and seen 100 families involved, whilst restoring deforested areas, biodiversity and water springs.


In 2020, The Caring Family Foundation directly funded a joint project between Rainforest US and the Indigenous Council of Roraima to build ten seedling nurseries that will produce a total of 15,000 seedlings each year in ten indigenous communities in the Roraima region of the Brazilian Amazon, as well as conduct workshops with local indigenous agroforestry students. Six nurseries have already been built, with the other four being concluded early 2023.

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