September 2023: Annabel's for the Amazon returns with a Brand New Façade

5 Sep 2023
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In honour of Amazon Day and International Day of Indigenous Women, The Caring Family Foundation (TCFF) and Annabel’s have unveiled a new façade in Berkeley Square. This will be displayed throughout September, inspired by the beauty of the Amazon rainforest, and aiming to draw attention to the devastating impact of deforestation.

TCFF’s mission is environmental preservation and the planting of trees. In addition, priorities include funding initiatives that provide a better future for indigenous families and implement supply chains that encourage the use of the community’s products. Funds raised for this year’s Annabel’s for the Amazon campaign will allow TCFF to invest even further in social projects within the state of Acre. TCFF will soon expand its efforts to two more indigenous and traditional communities, including 193 remarkable women, (34 single mothers), alongside their partners in Brazil, SOS Amazônia.

The club’s fourth Annabel’s For The Amazon event will take place on the 21st September, headlined by singer Seal and house group WhoMadeWho. The cocktail menu has been created in partnership with The Lost Explorer Mezcal, and each cocktail sold will plant 2.5 trees. On the 25th September, the club will welcome two climate leaders and voices for the indigenous communities, Sônia Guajajara and Txai Suruí, to shine a light on the issues facing indigenous people in the Amazon.

Throughout the campaign, the prestigious NFT Winds of Yawanawa will be on display from Richard and Patricia Caring’s private collection. This first-of-its-kind co-creation between new media artist Refik Anadol and the Yawanawá community was commissioned by Impact One, as part of its Possible Futures programme. In the state of Acre, Brazil, The Yawanawa community neighbours communities supported by the ongoing works of The Caring Family Foundation.

Miguel Scarcello, Co-founder and President of SOS Amazônia, said: “This collaboration has successfully implemented a forest restoration program, focusing on agro-extractivist land, farmer families, residents of protected areas, and agrarian reform project beneficiaries. The program plays a pivotal role in environmental conservation in Acre, combining the recovery of degraded areas for income generation and food security, along with targeted reforestation efforts to ensure water supply for families and contribute to the region's crucial river basins. Joining forces once again with The Caring Family Foundation, we are determined to continue our mission at SOS Amazônia, working towards a socially and environmentally equitable and safer future. Through these efforts, we strive to deliver significant local benefits while demonstrating to the world that humanity can overcome the current crisis we face."

Patricia Caring, Co-Founder of The Caring Family Foundation and Chairwoman of Annabel’s said, "Annabel’s for the Amazon was established four years ago and set out to raise awareness and funds for the crisis happening in the Amazon. We think about the Amazon for the trees but there is so much more that is affected by deforestation. Families strive to survive amongst the challenges, Mothers need to feed their children and communities are at the risk of extinction. Our work on the ground directly supports the livelihoods of the indigenous people in the Acre region who choose the species of trees planted by The Caring Family Foundation. It means they are able to grow, produce and generate income for their families, thereby giving them a chance to thrive.

Communities do their best to stand strong, but they need our support and protection. Together with the indigenous people, we can make a difference. They are the guardians of the Amazon rainforest, and we cannot forget that a healthier rainforest regulates our global climate and preserves biodiversity beyond Brazil. What happens in the Amazon has an impact on our world, but without the indigenous communities it’s hard for us to start thinking about hope for climate change, so that’s why The Caring Family Foundation and I stand for Brazil and for us all.”

By Victoria Moy

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5 Sep 2023

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