Food from the Heart Community Grant

Eligibility, Priorities and Focus

Grants are for up to £25,000 for 12 months.

Grants are for specific projects and can be used in anyway within that project budget.

We aim to fund 3 charities this round.


What is the focus of our funding?

The focus of the Food From the Heart Community Grant is to support local community-based projects who lack funds and resources to apply for financial help. The grant is aimed to support the mobilisation of a new or existing project that has food at its centre, with the aims of supporting children and their family’s mental and physical wellbeing. This could be (but not limited) for example through community centres, after-school programmes or youth clubs.

What kind of organisations are we looking to work with?

We are looking to fund local and inspiring community-based organisations that have a strong leadership, a clear vision for the future and good governance in place. We are particularly looking for organisations that are excited about building a long-term relationship with our Foundation.

Main target groups of the projects we fund should be:

  • Children (0–17-year-olds) will be the primary beneficiaries of the funding;
  • Children living in London will be the primary beneficiaries;
  • Children experiencing poverty (demonstrated by poverty measures such as IDACI, Free school meals, Pupil premium, low household income) will be the primary beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria

UK Registered CharityYou’re a UK Registered Charity and have submitted at least 1 years of annual returns to the Charity Commission
IncomeYour most recent total annual incoming resources are under £300,000
LocationThe communities your charity works with are from London. Your charity is based in the borough that you are working in.
Community based organisationYou can show you understand your community’s needs and working with the community to address the different issues.
Inspiring and ambitiousYou have a track record and are ambitious about the change you can make.
You have a vision for your charity’s future.

Some examples of what can’t be funded through the programme:

  • Political donations
  • Fundraising activities or challenges (e.g. costs for a skydive etc.)
  • Conferences or seminars
  • Activities which collect funds for redistribution to other charities or individuals
  • Overseas appeals
  • Expeditions or overseas travel
  • Promotion of a religious or political cause
  • Marketing promotions
  • Purchase of land
  • Statutory Costs for Schools or Local Authorities

Stages and deadlines

Four stages

Stage 1
Expression of Interest
A short on-line "Tells Us About You Form".
If there's anything you don't understand, please contact us at
Launch of the application process:
14/03/2024 @ 12pm
Deadline for submission:
29/03/2024 @ 5pm
Stage 2
Full application form
We will review the Tell Us About You forms and then ask a small number of applicants to fill in an on-line Stage 2 application form. Deadline for Stage 2 submission:
17/04/2024 @ 5pm
Stage 3
Meeting you
We review the Stage 2 forms and then will look to meet a shortlist of applicants to discuss how a partnership might work and understand your funding needs.
All applicants who submit a Stage 2 application whether successful or not will receive feedback. 
Time period:
22/04/2024 -26/04/2024
Stage 4
Final decision
We will make a final decision. Feedback:

Application Form

If there's anything you don't understand, please contact us at

Last updated: 22 March 2024

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