Child hunger

In Brazil, there are 33.1 million people without food, while in the UK 2.6 million children live in food poverty.

The Caring Family Foundation funds and provides meals to vulnerable children, ensuring more children eat at least one nourishing meal a day, supporting better physical and mental health, and lifting financial pressure on their families

UK Food from the Heart

The foundation started the One Million and One Meals campaign, providing over 1 million meals to NHS key workers and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a continuation of this successful national campaign, the Caring Family Foundation started the Food from the Heart campaign to feed children affected by food poverty with a food delivery program that would have a long-term and sustainable impact.

In the UK, millions of parents are confronting the dilemma of how to provide the next meal for their children. The Food from the Heart campaign is committed to tackle holiday hunger and rising cost of the living. The Caring Family Foundation has partnered with a large network of schools and food banks nationwide to support children and families facing holiday hunger due to the absence of a free school meal.

A total of 124,375 meals were distributed by the end of June 2022 to 33 schools and 5 food banks in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Liverpool. The Caring Family Foundation has also pledged 150,000 meals to children whose families are struggling with food insecurity and will be further hit by the loss of school meals during the six-week summer holiday. This commitment builds on the 1.5million meals that the Foundation has already delivered to children and families affected by food poverty in the last two years.

Working in partnership with established charities FareShare and The Felix Project, City Harvest and The Childhood Trust, our Food From The Heart campaign, provides nutritious, balanced meals for children and their families who are struggling to provide the next meal.

Brazil Amor que Nutre

Today, 33.1 million people in Brazil are living in hunger. The Caring Family Foundation is working hard to respond to this crisis, distributing over 1,600 nutritious meals every day to children and families in need as part of our Amor que Nutre campaign, making us one of the largest daily meal distributors in the country.

We have partnered with local institutions in the city of São Paulo (Instituto Capim Santo, Agencia Solano Trindade and Mãos de Maria) to provide free nutritious meals to vulnerable children, supporting their physical and mental health.

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