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Food from the Heart Campaign

The Caring Family Foundation has launched its latest campaign, ‘Food from the Heart’, with the aim of making a difference to the lives of children in the UK living in poverty. Since launching we have delivered 139,000 nutritious and pre-cooked meals to children in need across the UK.

The campaign was born from the desire to play a role in alleviating the disastrous impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the existing growing problem of child food poverty across the UK.

Partnering with FareShare and The Felix Project, The Caring Family Foundation's ‘Food from the Heart’ campaign will deliver meals across the UK to children most in need of food. Nutritious meals, provided fresh and frozen to meet demand, will include Cottage Pie, Vegetarian Lasagne and Vegan Mac and Cheese designed by chefs from across the hospitality network.

However, we need your support. The more we raise the more children we feed.

Please help us to reach as many children as possible throughout 2021 by donating via our Just Giving page.

Children 4.2 million

are living in poverty in the UK

In parts of Birmingham, London and Manchester

there are more children living in poverty than not.

There are over

Children 700,000

going hungry in London alone

Last year Richard and Patricia Caring launched The Caring Family Foundation to tackle issues close to their hearts and to respond to crises. The foundation is currently supporting projects in the UK and Brazil, working closely with grassroots organisations to achieve sustainable impact. Earlier last year the foundation brought together volunteers from across the hospitality network to produce and distribute 1 million and one meals nationally to NHS workers and vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.