Our commitment to the Amazon

In honour of the Global Day of Action for the Amazon on the 5th September, the Caring Family Foundation has launched a campaign in partnership with Annabel’s and One Tree Planted, aiming to plant one million trees by March 2023. This will equate to approximately 600 hectares of forest restored or the equivalent to 4.2 Hyde Parks.

This campaign has not only been launched to directly contribute to the replanting of the rainforest but also to emphasise the significance and importance of the deforestation crisis.

In addition to planting a million trees, this project will directly create 300 new jobs for the next two years and beyond, protecting the livelihoods of local people and their families. The trees planted will help to restore biodiversity as part of the Araguaia Corridor, set to become the world’s largest nature corridor.

The Araguaia Corridor

The Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Central Brazil will become the longest of all nature corridors on Earth and one of South America’s largest reforestation projects. Its scope is astonishing, with a total length of 2,600 kilometers and a width of up to 40 kilometers. It's part of an amazing global coalition to restore and create natural resilience in this important ecosystem.

2020's Project

This campaign is a continuation of the foundation’s work in 2020, where we partnered with Rainforest US and the Indigenous Council of Roraima to donate critical funds to restore the Amazon rainforest within Roraima, Brazil. Through this project, 10 seedling nurseries are being built and indigenous communities trained on how to restore their homelands; preserving the land for generations to come.

One Million and One Meals and Food From the Heart

Throughout 2020, the foundation launched two campaigns: One million and One Meals and Food From the Heart, delivering 1.4 million meals nationally to NHS workers and children living in food poverty in the UK.

In 2019, Richard and Patricia Caring launched The Caring Family Foundation as a means to tackle the issues close to their hearts. The Foundation is committed to funding projects in the UK and Brazil, supporting vulnerable women, children and wider communities to deliver real and meaningful impact in a sustainable manner. As part of its commitment to tackling food poverty, the Foundation has to date provided 1.4 million nutritious meals to children living in poverty, vulnerable communities and frontline NHS workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the ‘One Million and One Meals’ and ‘Food from the Heart’ campaigns. Additionally in the UK, the Foundation supports eight frontline organisations addressing children’s mental health, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation and forced marriage. In Brazil, the Foundation is working in close partnership with ‘Bem Querer Mulher’, to fund a specialist centre for women and children fleeing violence. We have also launched an employability training programme to ensure women can access employment to break the cycle of abuse. The Foundation fiercely believes that women and children everywhere should be able to live free of fear and abuse, and must be given opportunities to ensure their future safety and prosperity.

Supporting Us

Should you wish to hear more about this cause, or support us, please contact us: info@thecaringff.org

You can also find us on Instagram: @thecaringfamilyfoundation